-          I know how to put and take off my skis by myself.

-          I can control my speed and I am able to do curves like a snake.

-          I can brake by myself.

-          I am autonomous and I can continue progressing out of the beginner’s space.


-          I can control my speed.

-          I know how to find the balance while I am descending for the ski slope.

-          I know how to brake by myself and I begin to skid.

1rst STAR

-          I can make consecutive curves.

-          I know how to skid satisfactorily.

-          I ski with parallel skis.

2 ond STAR

-          I can do several consecutive curves with precision, I ski with parallel skis and I skid taking into account all the other elements around me (other skiers, variations of the slope, quality of the snow…)

-          I can go through bumps without losing my balance.

3rd STAR

-          I can do several consecutive curves with parallel skis adapting to the variations of the slope.

-          I keep my balance when I descend in straight line with high speed.